Attribution-Definition and factors of Attribution

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Attribution involves a process that we often use to identify or reach conclusions on the causes of specific events. Typically we attribute either personal or situational factors to explain specific behaviour.  that this particular task is very difficult, and therefore time-consuming, a situational attribution. Our tendency to attribute behaviour to personal or situational sources typically depends on three factors – consensus, distinctiveness and consistency.

  1. Consensus: Typically when we see a number of people behaving in the same way, we attribute it to situational factors. If one person in that group is behaving differently, we are likely to attribute it to personal factors. This attributional bias of behaving as a group is known as consensus.
  2. Distinctiveness: When one’s behaviour is consistent across situations, we attribute personal factors to that behaviour. We may have a friend who is always calm, and never loses her temper. So when she loses her temper, we are likely to attribute this unique behaviour to a situation. This is known as distinctiveness.
  3. Consistency: Consistency is somewhat similar, but it is about behaviour over time rather than across situations. If someone behaves the same way across situations we attribute personal factors, but if they act distinctively in one particular event, we will likely attribute that behaviour to situational factors.


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