Contemporary Theories of Motivation-Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory

Hello Respected Researchers and HR managers, In this section we will discuss about “Contemporary Theories of Motivation-Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory“. It is very much important for a Researcher as well as HR Concern person/ manager to know the Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory. If researcher or HR Manager could follow the Points accordingly,it would easier to reach the goal. Let’s have a look…


Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory:

Frederick Herzberg developed the two-factor theory conducting interviews with engineers and accountants, and having them describe when they were motivated and satisfied, and when they felt unmotivated and dissatisfied. He found there were two sets of factors, called ‘motivators’ and ‘hygienes’ that were somewhat unrelated, in terms of satisfaction. He separated dissatisfaction and satisfaction as two separate continuums.

Motivators are job content factors, and are associated with feelings of meaningful work, accomplishment, achievement, responsibility, growth and advancement opportunities, and the job itself. Content factors are necessary to create positive motivation.

Hygienes are job context or extrinsic factors, representing sources of job dissatisfaction that are associated with physical arrangements in the workplace, supervisors and interpersonal relations. Motivators are factors which lead to worker satisfaction, while hygienes are factors which prevent dissatisfaction.

 Herzberg argued that job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction are separate dimensions – so if the company improves a hygiene factor, such as working conditions or pay, it might not cause people to be satisfied at work, but it might prevent them from becoming dissatisfied.


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