Factors Influencing Small Scale Fading

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Hello Researchers, In this section we will discuss about “Factors Influencing Small Scale Fading“. In Mobile Radio Propagation specially in Wireless communication it is very much important topic for Researchers.  

Multipath propagation

  • Presence of reflecting objects and scatters cause multiple versions of the signal to arrive at the receiver
  • With different amplitudes and time delays
  • Causes the total signal at receiver to fade or distort

Speed of mobile

  • Cause Doppler shift at each multipath component
  • Causes random frequency modulation

⇒ Speed of surrounding objects

  • Causes time-varying Doppler shift on the multipath components

Transmission bandwidth of the channel

  • If the transmitted radio signal bandwidth is greater than the bandwidth of the multi-path channel the received signal will be distorted.


There may be some more documents on Factors Influencing Small Scale Fading, this article is written by taking the help from Internet and other resources like Books, journals etc.


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