Feedforward Control with Requirement

Hello Respected Researchers and/or Account manager/Finance manager, In this section we will discuss about ” Feedforward Control with Requirement “. It is very much important for a Researcher and/or Account manager/Finance manager to know about the Feedforward Control with Requirement.  If Researchers and/or Account manager/Finance manager could follow  the Points accordingly,  it would easier to reach the goal. Let’s start….


Feedforward Control:

It is now increasingly recognised that control must be directed towards the future in order to be effective. Knowing about deviations long after they occur is useless. What managers need for effective control is a system that will tell them well in time for corrective action and that problems will occur if they do not do something about them now. Feedback from the output of a system is not good enough for control. It is little more than a post-mortem, and no manager can ever change the past.

Requirements For Feed forward Control:

In short, the requirements for a workable feed forward control system are:

  1. Making a thorough and careful analysis of the planning and control systems.
  2. Developing a model of the system.
  3. Reviewing the model regularly to see whether the input variables identified and their inter-relationships continue to represent realities.
  4. Collecting data on input variables regularly, and putting them into the system.
  5. Assessing regularly the variations of actual input data from planned-for inputs, and evaluating the impact on the expected end result.
  6. Taking action to solve problems.


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