How to Change Organizational Culture?

Hello Respected Researchers and HR managers, In this section we will discuss about “How to Change Organizational Culture “. It is very much important for a Researcher as well as HR Concern person/ manager to know How to Change Organizational Culture. If researcher or HR Manager could follow the Points accordingly,it would easier to reach the goal. Let’s have a look…


Culture is something that emerges from a number of beliefs, assumptions and values. It is therefore a difficult thing to get your hands around and to change. Organizational culture is very important; in fact, it has much to do with a company’s success or failure. Edgar Schein, on of the most well-known theorists of culture, argues that it is the primary role of the leader within the organization to create and manage, and when necessary, destroy existing culture.

(1). The existing culture might have to be destroyed in order to facilitate organizational change, particularly radical change.

(2). There are a number of actions that leaders can take in organizations to facilitate a cultural change. They must focus primarily on the socialization process.

(3). If we go back to Schein’s levels of culture, the first level, visible artefacts, are something that leaders can alter without much difficulty. For example, physical arrangements in an office can be changed.

(4). What becomes most difficult for leaders is to change the deeper levels of organizational culture. An achievement-oriented, aggressive culture cannot be easily changed to one that is risk-averse and conservative. This kind of radical or transformational cultural change would require much planning, time and effort, while people learned to adapt to a new environment, with new expectations, criteria, job designs, reward systems, etc. Again, often organizations bring in new people with distinct skills and values, in order to facilitate such a change.

(5). While culture is difficult to change, organizations have done so successfully. Change is dependent on communicating a need for change and establishing a commitment to a shared vision.


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