How to solve a case study?

Respected Researchers, It is very much important for a Researcher to know How to solve a case study and areas of it.  If researcher could know properly the definition of case study,  it would easier to reach the goal. In this section we will discuss about ” How to solve a case study“. Let’s start….


It really depends on the case study itself, and how the case is being used.

(1). Read the case study at least twice.

(2). Make a list of pertinent facts about the case.

(3). Make sure you understand the questions or decisions that need to be addressed as part of the case.

(4). Discuss the case with your team, assuming that this is a group assignment.

(5). Typically there is a written component to the case study — a memo or a note that is written to summarize the team’s recommendations.


There may be some more documents on How to solve a case study, this article is written by taking the help from Internet and other resources like Books, journals etc.


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