HRM as a New Managerial Discipline

Hello Respected Researchers, In this section we will discuss about ” HRM as a New Managerial Discipline“. It is very much important for a Researcher and HR managers to know the HRM as a New Managerial Discipline. If HR Manager could follow Point accordingly,  it would easier to reach the goal. Let’s start….


This view contains more diversity and complexity, and includes such issues as the philosophies of personnel and industrial relations, the professional desire to present the management of employees as a discipline by itself (similar to the inclusive approaches of Accounting and Marketing, for example), and the belief that an integrated management approach can be provided by HRM.


⇒ This would create a new and broader discipline as a result of the fusion of these traditional elements and also unite the differing perspectives of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. An important outcome of this approach is in the renaming of functional activities so that Industrial Relations becomes ‘Employee Relations’ and Training becomes ‘Employee Development.’ These provide broader connotations and avoid some of the irrelevant and outdated problems which typify the past. For example, Employee Relations involves a total workforce which includes white-collar and technical staff of whom many will be female and among whom some (or all) will be non-union, whereas IR connotes a relationship based upon a manual, manufacturing (often implies male) unionized workforce.


⇒ Another shift in thinking connected with this second approach is management’s desire to extend control over aspects of the collective relationship that were once customarily regarded as jointly agreed between employees (usually via their unions) and management.


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