Importance of Global Marketing

Hello Researchers, In this section we will discuss about “Importance of Global Marketing” , it is very much important topic for Researchers.  

Global marketing occurs when marketing managers use a global plan to effectively market their goods and services on an international basis.

▪ Seeking market opportunities beyond their own borders.

▪ Some companies do not respond to the challenges and opportunities of globalization will be absorbed by more dynamic enterprise; others will simply disappear.

Global marketing is, then, very important to internationalize a business, and preparing a good strategy for it has obviously some advantages:

  • reduction of cost inefficiencies and of duplication of efforts between national and regional subsidiaries;
  • opportunities to the transfer products, brands and ideas to other subsidiaries;
  • appearance of global clients;
  • improvement of the ties between national infrastructures, leading to the development of a global marketing infrastructure.


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