Kurt Lewin’s Model of Change

Hello Respected Researchers and HR managers, In this section we will discuss about “Kurt Lewin’s Model of Change“. It is very much important for a Researcher as well as HR Concern person/ manager to know the Kurt Lewin’s Model of Change. If researcher or HR Manager could follow the Points accordingly,it would easier to reach the goal. Let’s have a look…


Kurt Lewin developed a three-stage model of change that is widely cited. He argued that successful change was dependent on following three steps: unfreezing, moving, and refreezing.

(1). Unfreezing stage:In the unfreezing stage, members prepare for change by establishing a plan that will help manage employees’ resistance to the change, articulate a path for implementation, and establish measures for the outcome of the change. Organisations may use driving forces to direct behaviour away from the status quo (promotions, or increases in pay for example), or employ restraining forces, which hinder movement from the existing equilibrium.

(2). Moving stage: The moving stage involves the actual implementation of the planned change effort. The ease with which change is implemented depends on a number of variables: how well the change effort was planned; the nature and scope of the change effort (revising the criteria for new hires will likely be more palatable and less intrusive than a radical restructuring, for example); and the ability of senior management or a ‘champion of change’ to manage the change process successfully.

(3). Refreezing stage: Once the change has taken place, behaviours, values, and structure become institutionalised. Lewin defined this as the refreezing stage. The post-change environment becomes routine again, and is part of day-to-day life within the organisation.


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