My expectation and the CEMBA Program

My expectation and the CEMBA Program

Engr. Md. Hayder Ali

Batch: 142, ID: 142-71-812-017


First, I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to write something regarding CEMBA program. With the background knowledge I have in Computer Science and Engineering, I felt that a master course in Business Administration will be very relevant for my career as part of management in my country Bangladesh. I plan to take a specialization in management because our country really need management skilled people having technical background knowledge.

To be honest, I was looking for an institution from where I could easily get a degree without any pressure and I have chosen Bangladesh Open University. I have heard that from BOU a student easily could get a certificate because some of my friend and colleague gave me this type of idea. I was happy and got admission at BOU into CEMBA program.

But after getting admission into CEMBA at BOU, my previous mindset was totally changed. I was surprised and I found that Bangladesh Open University’s academic activities is not easy, more over it is sometimes more difficult than the other public university. I was amazed by the Excellent and highly qualify faculty members, the teaching-learning system, class test, assignment, the exam system and specially the environment of exam hall. We were not allowed to keep our Cell phones with us even if it was switch off at exam hall. It was really different and made us proud.

After struggling two years, finally we are happy so that we could finished CEMBA course successfully. I like to thanks all of my respected course teaches, all faculty members, all stuffs of BOU and specially my mates. I like to thanks Professor Dr. Md. Serazul Islam sir. I have learnt lot of things during my research project.

Finally, I am happy when I have googled “CEMBA Program” I found “The World recognized Qualification- To be a shining Management Professional” mentioned by The Open University of Sri Lanka, “Forecasting leadership and Innovation” mentioned by University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), “Top Quality Management Skills and Education through Open and Distance Learning – in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and South America and the South Pacific.” Mentioned in Thanks CEMBA Program, thanks Bangladesh Open University, you made me proud.



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