Negotiation-Definition, Meaning and Types of Negotiation

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Negotiation is a technique often employed to manage conflict. In fact, negotiation is something that we do every day of our lives. We negotiate with our peers, our parents, our children, our superiors, the car dealer, our subordinates – the list is long and negotiation never goes away.

There are two primary negotiation tactics that we will examine: Distributive negotiation and Integrative negotiation.

(1). Distributive Negotiation:

  • Distributive negotiation is also referred to as ‘position’ negotiation in that each party has taken a position, and believes that they have to claim specific components of a ‘fixed pie’ of resources. ordinates – the list is long and negotiation never goes away.

(2). Integrative Negotiation:

  • With integrative negotiation, the parties do not assume a zero-sum game; rather they focus their attention and energy on how to best utilise the resources, with a view to working toward a win-win solution. Unlike distributive bargaining, integrative bargaining is characterised by trust, information sharing, and the willingness and desire to work toward a solution that is satisfactory for all parties.


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