Perception vs Attribution-Clear Concept

Hello Respected Researchers and HR managers, In this section we will discuss about “Perception vs Attribution-Clear Concept“. It is very much important for a Researcher as well as HR Concern person/ manager should have clear concept about perception and Attributions. If researcher or HR Manager could follow the Points accordingly,it would easier to reach the goal. Let’s have a look…


The discussion of several articulates the reality of diverse perceptions and attributions in the workplace. Much of our interpretation of events and behaviours are judgmental.

⇒ Therefore we must caution ourselves as managers, co-workers, volunteers, educators – in any position and work environment – to appraise or evaluate others as objectively as possible. Often, peoples’ progress in the workplace is dependent on appraisals (not always from their immediate supervisor but also from others in the organisation).

⇒ Our expressed perception of others’ performance can potentially play a significant role in their progress, their rewards, their satisfaction levels, and their interaction and relationships with others.


There may be some more documents on Perception vs Attribution-Clear Concept, this article is written by taking the help from Internet and other resources like Books, journals etc.


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