Point to Ponder on Research Problem

Hello Respected Researchers, In this section we will discuss about ” Point to Ponder on Research Problem“. It is very much important for a Researcher to know the Point to Ponder on Research Problem. If researcher could follow Point to Ponder on Research Problem accordingly,  it would easier to reach the goal. Let’s start….


Defining research problem——- What pre-cautions?


Frustration begins in absence of well defined problem – well defined set of question – well defined available alternatives!!!


 ⇒ Correct/Exact question:

It is the key aide to an optimum research study ⇒ result or else:

Wrong question ⇒ Right Answer ⇒ Lead to Poor or No Advice (GIGO)


 ⇒ Rationalization Tendency:

Often research plan (physical–work) progressed by rationalizing as a part of defense in avoiding the available options in hand;


We overcome the followings by alternative plans along with required review in initial plan at the early-stage:-

  1. Redoing (or duplication)
  2. Cost saving
  3. False start


 ⇒ Begin with:

Researcher must detect exactly what the decision-maker is really interested;

  1. Information obtain without error and
  2. Without cost


 ⇒ Alternative Approach:

The best to consider at least one alternative approaches to go-ahead.


 ⇒ Decision Makers-question:

Problem definition is stage of determining and structuring of the decision maker’s question but not the question of researcher.


 ⇒ Decision in research:

From the very beginning researcher got to make sure to face or encounter in concluding with potential decisions under the study. May say it as ‘no decision⇒ need ⇒ no problem’ at all.


 ⇒ Alternatives available :

Available option to choose in problem determination step is important since no choices ⇒result⇒ no research problem at all.


 ⇒ Evaluation of Alternatives:

Once alternatives are available at instant question produced whether or not any evaluation of the said alternatives exist. What criteria of evaluation do apply? Else no evaluation criteria in existence⇒ result⇒ no problem definition⇒no research at all.

 ⇒ Researcher Confidence:

Problem determination acceptance must neither superficial nor obvious.



There may be some more documents on Point to Ponder on Research Problem, this article is written by taking the help from Internet and other resources like Books, journals etc.


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