Research Project: A Unique Learning from CEMBA

Research Project: A Unique Learning from CEMBA

Mohammad Mahmudul Islam

Batch: 142, ID: 142-71-812-026


Research Project is mandatory for every student to achieve the master degree from Commonwealth Executive MBA/MPA Programme. Generally, students become entitled to conduct a Research Project in their fourth level after passing theoretical Research Method course carried in the third level. As a regular student I was also entitled to conduct a research work, and that was a great opportunity for me.

I assumed my previous experience of conducting a survey and report preparation on Ethnobotany may be helpful and considered the Research Project as a regular academic activity of MBA programme. I was surprised by attending six classes on Proposal Preparation conducted by Dr. Seazul Islam (Coordinator of CEMBA/MPA Programme). I understood that the Research Project of CEMBA/MPA Programme is not an ordinary one; nor like just a process carried by maximum public or private universities.

As a course teacher, Dr. Serazul Islam sir gave us huge ideas, materials, references to choose a Research Title and also presented to us the standard process of Proposal preparations. Definitely, it was a great experience for all of us. According to that I have selected a Research Title and put forward that to the course teacher and also requested him to be my supervisor and luckily he was agreed.

After selecting everyone’s proposal, course teacher again took seven classes to make us more conceptually clear about preparing Project paper especially on Introduction Writing, literature Review, Overview of Organization (if needed), Methodology, Data Analyzing and Interpretation, and also on Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations along with writing literacy. Because of my Descriptive study questionnaire preparation was another vital issue to collect primary data and my supervisor also spent a lot of time to prepare that as like as standard.

Research on “Attitude Measurement in the Pharmaceutical Industry” was not fully revealed by previous Researchers in home and abroad, and as a researcher I have tried to work in that gap but was worried to complete that within the limited resources along with lack of adequate Literature. But my supervisor continuously instructed me to search more relevant articles and also to study those properly.

After the fourth proof of my Research Papers, my supervisor became satisfied and gave me permission to submit that. It was a great experience; though there was huge scope to enrich my Research Paper within various scarcity. Comparing our Research Project with other universities I have confirmed that the Research Project of Commonwealth Executive MBA/MPA Programme is unique in this level; and also may be helpful to reach the pinnacle in competitive professional environment.



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