Sample Motivational Letter for Scholarship

NAME: xyz

COUNTRY: Bangladesh

PROGRAMME: Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking, Università Di Pisa.

REASONS FOR A (Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking) SCHOLARSHIP.

First I would like to express my appreciation for this opportunity to apply for Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking scholarship. I am a graduate from Stamford University Bangladesh holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering with CGPA 3.61 out of 4.00.

With the background knowledge I have in Computer Science and Engineering, I strongly feel that a master course in Computer Science and Networking  will be very relevant to my practice back here in my country Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there is no such sector and our country really need to improve in this sector. I am sure I could make my career successfully in this sector and my country will be benefited as well.

My Undergraduate thesis was on Security and Privacy Issues of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks”. It was a 4.00 Credits thesis work and I gained 3.75(A Grade) out of 4.00.In this Thesis I have worked with Dr. M. Mafujul Islam, an associate professor of Stamford University Bangladesh. I have worked on, how to establish a secure key management service in mobile Ad-hoc networking environment and how to provide a secured group authentication protocol. To build a highly available and highly secure key management service. I proposed to use threshold cryptography to distribute trust among a set of shareholder and Zero knowledge proof. Analysis the security threats, to understand the security requirements for ad-hoc networks, and to identify existing techniques, as well as to propose new mechanism to secure ad-hoc networks which is secured group authentication protocol.

Owing to limited resources, I have not been able to proceed with further studies here in Bangladesh or elsewhere as I lack the necessary funds. I would be grateful to be provided with sponsorship to further my education and build a career and Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking. Università Di Pisa scholarship will be immensely helpful and I can transfer the knowledge gained in an optimized manner to my country and future generations.

Currently, our government has planned for a better Bangladesh which is called “Sonar Bangle” (The Golden Bangladesh) and it’s a dream to every Bangladeshi to build it successfully. The government has a plan for that. This plan is including the development of statistics in various fields such as ICT sector, economy, demography, agriculture, and health. It leads the need of statistician who expert in those fields specially expert in Computer Science Sector. Today, there is no Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking at our institutions in Bangladesh. These circumstances persuade me to apply Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking Scholarship programme.

Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking is needed in Bangladesh because of the following reasons:

  1. It will improve education in ICT Sector and Bangladesh in general, and strengthen the establishment of the Integrated National System.
  2. It will fill the masters of Computer Science scarcity and strengthen the sustainable development of Bangladesh.
  3. I will help to build a “Digital Bangla” by 2021 which our government has declared and also will be helpful to make successful “Vission-2021”

Considering all factors above. I believe that the chosen study will benefit Bangladesh in general.

In addition I will get a chance through Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking. Università Di Pisa scholarship to interact with students from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds drawn from all over the world. The exposure is important for interaction and integration of diverse ideas and perspectives pertaining to various global issues; for the world is a mosaic of different cultures and a single perspective cannot apply in all these cultures.

I consider myself to be a good candidate for Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking . Università Di Pisa Scholarship because I am young, energetic, hardworking, visionary, and motivated person who believes that I can do something for the benefit of my country to whom I have been working. I am determined to make the most out of the scholarship benefits. I will optimize my stay at Università Di Pisa, Italy to garner a wealth of ideas that will apply when I return to my country and at the same time contribute to a better Università Di Pisa, Italy and the peoples with my country Bangladesh. I did my best with all maximum efforts I could give for my institution. But this is not enough. Frankly, I am not satisfied yet with what I did. I believe that I can do much better if I am trained and developed through a Master of Science in Computer Science and Networking Università Di Pisa, Italy. Once again I am grateful for considering my application and I look forward to a favourable reply.






Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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