Steps of Case Study Problems Solution

Respected Researchers, It is very much important for a Researcher to know the Steps of Case Study Problems Solution.  If researcher could know properly the definition of case study,  it would easier to reach the goal. In this section we will discuss about ” Steps of Case Study Problems Solution“. Let’s start….


(1). Pertinent fact about the case.

(2). Major problems about the case.

(3). Solve the question with answer.

  • All questions are to be answered in the following manner.
  • The question should be answered clearly given reference to applicable theory, moreover you are required to identify a similar company in the local context, provide examples.
  • Your own experience about case study is to read the case study with the question in mind then to try and attempt it.


There may be some more documents on Steps of Case Study Problems Solution, this article is written by taking the help from Internet and other resources like Books, journals etc.


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