Student Profile of Commonwealth Executive MBA Students (Batch-142)

CEMBA-142 batch
CEMBA-142 batch

Student Profile of Commonwealth Executive MBA Students (Batch-142). This batch got admission at the end of 2015 and had completed their all courses at the end of 2017. This batch is called the most dynamic and regular batch of CEMBA.


Rassel Mohammed Islam
Principal Officer
Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812- 004
Cell: 01749311001
Blood Group: A+

Md. Badiuzzaman
Assistant Manager – IT
American & Efird (Bangladesh) Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812- 005
Cell: 01812758160
Blood Group: AB+

Md. Amir Hossain
Sr. Merchandiser
Golden Stitch Design Ltd.
ID No.: 14-2-71-812-008
Cell: +88 01857411411
Blood Group: A+

Md. Mahabub Alam
In-charge (Audit)
Younus Group of Industries
ID No.: 142-71-812-011
Cell: 01711 583 155
Blood Group: O+

Mohammad Kamrul Hasan
Manager (Principal Officer)
Sonali Bank Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-012
Cell: 01721992244
Blood Group: B+

Md. Waej Shuman
Merchandise Assistant manager
Mondol Intimates Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812-013
Cell: +8801741-404632
Blood Group: B+

Sayed Nazmul Huda
Assistant Manager (production)
Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation
ID No.: 142-71-812-016
Cell: 01717707505
Blood Group: O+

Engr. Md. Hayder Ali
Assistant System Analyst
National University
ID No.: 142-71-812- 017
Cell: 01712993175
Blood Group: O+

Md. Akbor Hossain
Khaja Enayetpuri (R) Express
ID No.: 142-71-812- 021
Cell: 01735953669
Blood Group: AB+

Shah Alam Miah
First Executive Officer
Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812-022
Cell: 01914286362.
Blood Group: B+

Md. Ali Kadar
Asstt. Mgr. (EHS)
Auto Crop care Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812-023
Cell: 01920-634036
Blood Group:

Mohammad Mohaiminul Hoq
In-charge (Distribution)
Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812-024
Cell: 01909-105734
Blood Group: O+

Mohammad Mahmudul Islam
Group Coordinator
Opsonin Pharma Limited
ID No.: 14-2-71-812-026
Cell: 01916658003
Blood Group: B+

Md. Kutub Uzzaman
Senior Executive (MSD)
Opsonin Pharma Limited
ID No.: 14-2-71-812-027
Cell: 01730034111
Blood Group: O+

Khorsed Alam
Sr. Executive – Finance
Kazi Farms Group
ID No.: 142-71-812-030
Cell: 01710225385
Blood Group: O+

Mustafizur Rahman
Sr. Sales Executive
Kazi Farms Group
ID No.: 14-2-71-812-031
Cell: 01924458639
Blood Group: O+

Md. Shibli Sadique
Manager, Fabric Planning
Meghna Knit Composite Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812- 035
Cell: 01714260386
Blood Group: A+

Zahirul Islam
Sr. Officer HR
Butterfly Manufacturing Company
ID No.: 142-71-812-043
Cell: 01911-298945
Blood Group:  O+

Md. Sarowar Hossain
Senior Officer HR & Admin
Ambee Pharmaceuticals LTD.
ID No.: 142-71-812- 049
Cell: 01915-473780
Blood Group: A+

Md. Naeem Hossain
Assistant Manager, PDD
PRAN Group
ID No.: 142-71-812-050
Cell: 01717686339
Blood Group: A+

Amelia Islam
Managing Director
Aragon (Online Shopping Store)
ID No.: 142-71-812- 051
Cell: 01711506637
Blood Group: A+

Md. Mafujur Rahman
Assistant Production Manager
BJMC (Ministry of Textiles & Jute)
ID No.: 142-71-812- 052
Cell: 01722889888
Blood Group: B+

Fahima Akter Nishi
SML Packaging Solutions Bangladesh Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812- 065
Cell: 01815016192
Blood Group: O+

Md. Asraful Hoque Bhuiyan
Padma Oil Company Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-067
Cell: 01777703532
Blood Group: O+

Saikat Dhar
Associate Manager, CAD
Brac Bank Ltd
ID No.: 142-71-812-068
Cell: 01716219765
Blood Group: B+


Md. Rajaul Islam
Senior Officer
Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812-081
Cell: 01717630899
Blood Group: A+

Mohammad Obaidullah Ansary
Principal Officer
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-082
Cell: 01711984171
Blood Group: B+


Md. Shahinur Alam
Principal Officer
Mercantile Bank Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-088
Cell: 01516171439
Blood Group: A+

Jonathon Baroi
Sr. Office
Padma Oil Company Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-093
Cell: 01818176788
Blood Group: B+

MD. Mahfujur Rahman
A.A. Products and Aurik Arnob Auto Traders.
ID No.: 14-2-71-812-094
Cell:  01756-575893
Blood Group: O+

Md. Akter Hossain
Sub-Divisional Engineer (SDE)
Public Works Department (PWD)
ID No.: 14-2-71-812-104
Cell:  01756-575893
Blood Group: B+

Azad Sheikh
QA Manager
Thermax Group.
ID No.: 142-71-812-107
Blood Group: …..


Md. Solaiman
Asst. Manager, Corporate Sales
Niloy Motors Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812- 111
Cell: 01717360631
Blood Group: O+

Asma Islam
Fashion Designer
ID No.: 142-71-812-113
Cell: 01717518224
Blood Group:  B+


Irin Parvin
Principal Officer
Sonali Bank Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-117
Cell: 01717451149
Blood Group: B+


Dhiresh Chandra Deb
Principal Officer
Bangladesh Krishi Bank
ID No.: 142-71-812- 115
Cell: 01672566443
Blood Group: B+

Md. Atiqul Islam
Senior Manager (Production Planning & Efficiency)
Edison Footwear Ltd.
ID No.: 142-71-812-127
Cell: 01717420150
Blood Group: B+

Md. Azibur Rahman
Production Officer
Essential Drugs Company Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-129
Cell: 01717427312
Blood Group: O+

Tapon Kumar Mondal
Executive Engineer
Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-137
Cell: 01730335161
Blood Group: B+

Sub-Technical Officer
National University
ID No.: 142-71-812- 138
Cell: 01921437875
Blood Group: O+

Adhir Chandra Das
Assistant General Manager
Bangladesh Krishi Bank
ID No.: 142-71-812- 149
Cell: 01714264363
Blood Group: A+

Md. Mahbur Rahman
Sr. Executive, Finance and Accounts
Labaid Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-150
Cell: 01723729529
Blood Group: O+

Md. Abu Saeed Chowdhury
Sr. Executive, Internal Audit
Apex Holdings Limited
ID No.: 142-71-812-152
Cell: 01789991246
Blood Group: B+

Amran Hossain
Assistant Manager
Supply chain Department.
Tech Valley Solutions Ltd.
No.: 142-71-812-085
Cell: 01717531219
Blood Group: B+
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