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Hello Researchers, In this section we will describe regarding the process of Data Coding. There are several type of Data Coding Technique. Let’s focus on major points-

Summary in a structured form of information (not in detailed) pre-numbered, sequential, batch, grouped   ­̶   retrieve the actual (original) state of record. Uniquely identifies, compresses data, aids in classification process that conveys special meanings.


  • Designing Stage
  • Research Responses
  • Recorded into classes or category
  • Tabulation aide


  1. Alphabetical
  2. Numerical
  3. Alphanumeric
  •  NY = New York
  • For example, a coding scheme for tracking sales might be 04-09-476214-99, meaning:

Store Number Dept. Number Item Number  Salesperson

04-                   09-                   476214-                       99

  • Mnemonic Codes give visible clues concerning the objects they represent.
  • Sequence Codes are the simplest type of coding scheme that assign numbers or letters in consecutive order.

There may be some more documents on Data Coding, this article is written by taking the help from Internet and other resources like Books, journals etc.



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