What is Nonparametric Test

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Hello Researchers, There are two type of test and in this section we will discuses about Nonparametric Test with it’s Importance. It is an important topic for Research Methodology.

Nonparametric methods are used when the researcher does not know how the data are distributed. Making the assumption that the population distribution or sampling distribution is normal generally is inappropriate when data are either ordinal or nominal. Thus, nonparametric statistics are referred to as distribution free. Data analysis of both nominal and ordinal scales typically uses nonparametric statistical tests. Nonparametric statistics are appropriate when the numbers do not conform to a known distribution.

Do Not Involve Population Parameters, Data Measured on Any Scale (Ratio or Interval, Ordinal or Nominal)

Nonparametric Tests Importance:

                 ⇒ Require no or less restricting assumptions

                 ⇒ Suitable for ranked, scale, or rated data

                 ⇒ Involve very few arithmetic computations

The importance of “Non-parametric Test” is written based on Books and internet articles. 


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